Duck Farming

The raising process is our expertise

Our entire managerial team can take on every step of the breeding process to bring a mulard duckling to life, raise it to 14 weeks and obtain cut or cooked products. Our farming is responsible and respectful to the animals. Our breeders are committed to always follow the best practices at all times.

Raising a mulard duck

The mulard duck is a hybrid obtained from the breeding of a male Muscovy duck and a female Peking duck. Our ducklings hatch in a Quebec hatchery, where they are freely raised for 12 weeks to prevent contamination from wild birds. Once they have reached maturity, the gavage phase begins for 12 days inside group pens.

The importance of the right diet

Our ducks’ nutrition is 100% plant-based, with an optimal portion of high quality corn. The mulard duck is naturally fairly fat and therefore requires a very specific diet. The relationship we have built with regional agricultural producers allows us to provide the best feed to our animals.